The beauty industry is forever changing from hot new products to sneaky hacks that can transform a look instantly. It can incredibly difficult to keep up with the new trends and fads so we have gathered a few tips and tricks for beginners.

The ultimate key to flawless looking skin can all depend on the preparation. Whether it’s using a primer or a hydrating moisturiser, creating a ‘tacky’ base allows the foundation to grip better and last longer throughout the day.

In order to create a streak-free finish to your foundation, it is always best to wet your beauty blender/sponge before using it. To read more about all the positive aspects to using beauty blenders, click here and read our article on beauty blenders.

  • Apply concealer to dark spots

Applying concealer to dark spots can create an overall even complexion, leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant. Concealer can lift the appearance of your under eye area, reducing that ‘tired eye’ look. It can also minimise the appearance of spots and scars.

We all remember the days where blusher was used for contour and we had pink stripes for cheeks! Blusher can add a lovely splash of colour to your complexion rather than the harsh image that contour can give. However, it is important to remember less is more when it comes to blusher.

Curling your lashes creates the perfect illusion that you have curly, to-die-for eyelashes (even if they’re short and stumpy like mine!). Eyelash curlers basically act as a push up bra for your lashes, they lift your whole eye area. When mascara is applied it accentuates your new curly lashes.

These are just some tips that I have found useful. Everyone has their own makeup style and what works best for them, embrace your own style!

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