Who better to make glamorous dresses than Jennifer Onah? Yes, Amor magazine decided to review the chic line ‘Ferona’ and see exactly what the fuss is all been out!

Ferona, which was originally founded by Jennifer Onah, shortly after she completed her degree in Fashion Design, decided to keep her collection obscure but glam this season! Considering Jennifer has only just launched her line (in February), the beautiful range looks like it could potentially go far! icon_smile-7211150

Onah decided to include a lot of bridal inspired dresses, but also managed to make her dresses versatile, by furthermore making her dresses wearable for a night out.

The Streets decided to pick out our favorites of Ferona’s exclusive designs!

You have to love the Dark Sapphire blue dress, something I would definitely love to wear on a night out! The detailed dress looks like it can certainly, show off someone’s stunning bod without even having to try!

Amor magazine had a chance to catch up with designer of Ferona, where she spoke about her designs and inspirations!

What made you decide to create “Ferona”?

“I always knew I wanted to one-day start my own fashion label. After doing work experience with various Designers, I very quickly decided that all the time being spent at work for these other designers collections, I would rather put into for my own label.”

Why call it Ferona?

“I wanted my name and my identity in it and I wanted it to sound like a high end luxury brand and have an European sound to it.”

Who inspired the elegant designs?

 ”I was inspired by my friend’s mother who was all about dressing to feel good and celebrating the woman – I like the idea of bringing back Hollywood glamour, elegance and sexy sophistication – that on the right woman, appears effortless!”

Who is your favourite designer?

“I adore Ellie Saab, I also like Rick Owens, and I love the edginess of what he does. There are so many designers I could name – Jena Theo, Dior, the list is endless.”

What is your dress sense like?

“ I wear a lot of black at the moment and feel it makes a strong statement. I’m backing the whole ‘powerful woman’ idea. You can never go wrong with black. My dress sense is always changing, I love fresh fashion, I like to try out new things and new colours. I love textures, especially leather. Give me a leather and a bodycon in the colour black and I’m happy.”

Any, big events going on with “Ferona”?

“Not at the moment but we are hoping to have something in place for this year’s London Fashion Week in September to showcase our S/S14 Collection.”

Where do you hope to see yourself in a few years?

“In a few years, we would love to be selling in all the other major fashion cities and other areas of the world. We hope to regularly show at London Fashion Week and become a recognisable brand. We have plans to introduce other products under the Label in the future, so stay with us icon_smile-7211150

Ferona may not be very casual, but definitely chic enough to sport on a night out!

Check out Ferona’s official website plus follow them on twitter:



Words: Wardah Sempa 

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