Meesha Harper is a 22-year-old fashion designer who just a year ago graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Fashion Design degree. She is now taking the big step to move over 200 miles from her hometown to Britain’s fashion capital, London.

Meesha creates unique high fashion. Her pieces are luxury yet ready-to-wear women’s clothing for the sophisticated workingwoman. Blending an interesting mix of obscure materials with sharp, clean cut designs to create a collection perfect for the catwalk.

“Designed for the unique and individual working woman, providing exciting and innovative wardrobe alternatives.”

Meesha says, “I am currently in the process of moving to London to find internships that will hopefully lead to full time job in the fashion industry, “ with the end goal of gaining more valuable skills and experience in the competitive industry.

The Halifax born designer has always been interested in the art, designs and textiles domain from a very young age. This gave her the knowledge and expertise to experiment and subvert the traditional conventions of women’s fashion.

“Culture and nature always have a big impact on my design inspiration as well as trend forecasts. Occasionally I get designers block but usually after a short break I have developed some new ideas.

Trends are however always going to be important and I like to know exactly what is trending, but I don’t follow them religiously and it is never the sole factor to my design work.”

Meesha would categorise her style as artistic, and sculptural. She uses monochrome elements to create a clean-cut finish, which is also reflected in her own personal style choices as well as in her current collection.

Favourite fashion designers? Iris Van Herpen and Balmain – Meesha Harper

Due to being creative from a very young age, Meesha has always wanted to look her best.  Reading and collecting fashion magazines and books helped her up-to-date with what’s innovative and fashionable.

This put her in stead to start a course in fashion design at Sheffield Hallam University. Here she learnt valuable skills from her tutors, as well as skilful sewing techniques. “I also had help and guidance into applying for jobs and internships and am still in contact with my tutors.”

Meesha’s biggest piece of advice to anyone who is wanting to attend university to study fashion is that “organisation is always key when undertaking any degree. I had a certain level of this but I defiantly had to learn to manage my time better.

“Money was also an issue as the materials themselves were very expensive; I therefore had to take on a par time job, which had an impact on the amount of time I could spend of my university work.

“I have always been an independent worker so the university method of teaching was ideal for me. This was certainly one of my strengths and I know some of my peers struggled with the minimal amount of teaching/help given.

“The creativity and freedom to design and make anything that comes into your own imagination.

“Try and find internships in between semesters, it will help build up your cv and help you gain experience. More internships and work within the industry would have helped me dramatically.

“Graphic design is also a keen interest of mine and we learnt a fair amount of these skills within the fashion design course, so if this sounds like you, a fashion degree at any of the top universities would be a great option.”

With the skills and experience gained throughout her degree course, Meesha then created her own collection, which was her biggest challenge yet. This as well as “taking part in the university fashion show and organising a photo-shoot.”

In 5 years time “I would like to have a good job with a high end designer and be still learning more new skills. In 10 years time I hope to have started my own business after learning as much as I can within the industry.

“Wisdom is certainly key in this industry as we can see from successful designers like Vivienne Westwood who just celebrated her 73rd birthday. “

Quick questions:

Drink: Mojito

Restaurant: BiBi’s

Meal: Steak

Treat: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Book: Chanel: An intimate life

Fragrence: Dior, Miss Dior

Material: Silk Taffeta

Tv Show: Lost

Music: Indie Rock and House Artist: The Maccabees

Fashion Designer: Iris Van Herpen

Colour: Purple

Words: Natalie Toft 

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