Long black cardigans are a must-have in every wardrobe. They offer classic style as well as practicality to any look. The cardigan is one of the most versatile and universal pieces of clothing and can be worn casually for everyday use, or made more stylish for more formal occasions.

Men's Hooded Edge Long Frayed Sleeve Sweatshirt with Hoodie, Open Front Cardigan
Men’s Hooded Edge Long Frayed Sleeve Sweatshirt with Hoodie, Open Front Cardigan £26.94 – £49.56 @amazon.co.uk

Black cardigan styles can be worn with nearly any accessory; they pair well with boots, hats, scarves and even tuxedos! If you’re tired of the same old long jacket this winter, it’s time to embrace a new and different style.

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The basis of any man’s long black cardigan should be a quality piece of material. Cotton is a timeless and reliable fabric that never goes out of style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a black cardigan to wear with a suit or a shirt in the morning, or because you’re going on a date, cotton will always get the job done. Cotton mens cardigan is also a great option for women who are allergic to leather – it can be used with bare legs to create a classic sheath look, without the danger of irritation.

Men's À Capuche Long Frayed Sleeve Sweatshirt with Hoodie, Open Front Cardigan
Men’s À Capuche Long Frayed Sleeve Sweatshirt with Hoodie, Open Front Cardigan @amazon.co.uk

A knitted black sweater is also a classic option and is also a great option for those allergy sufferers. Knitting is also very fashionable at the moment, so many people are opting for this type of style over all others.

Woven materials are also very stylish these days, so look for a design that has been inspired by the latest fabrics. A cashmere sweater is a classic example of how a knitted garment can be modern and classic at the same time. You’ll find many styles that are knitted, including stripes, paisley patterns and cable.

LOUIE JAMES Cotton Acrylic Mens Button Cardigan BLACK
LOUIE JAMES Cotton Acrylic Men’s Button Cardigan BLACK £ 45.00 @bigmenonline.co.uk

Many men’s long, black cardigan styles feature an oversized cuffed collar. This is a perfect option if you want a little more style than a plain cardigan can offer, without sacrificing comfort.

Relco Mens Black Waffle Knit Cardigan
Relco Men’s Black Waffle Knit Cardigan £34.99 @slickstyles.co.uk

A buttoned collar can be worn for a slightly edgier look, or can simply be worn as part of a layered look – it depends entirely on what kind of style you’re going for.

Vivienne Westwood Mens Button Cardigan - Black
Vivienne Westwood Men’s Button Cardigan – Black £128.70 @triads.co.uk

For a casual weekend look, try pairing your men’s long black cardigan with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, a chino jacket or some leather boots.

Cardigan Mens Sweaters Spring Autumn Men Casual Cardigan
Cardigan Men’s Sweaters Spring Autumn Men Casual Cardigan £18.50 – 21.15 @aliexpress.com

If you’d prefer a bit more structure in your cardigan, why not try a shawl collar? They can be very classic and elegant, and they give the impression that the men’s long black cardigan is really a sweater in the first place.

Mens Knitted Cardigan with Buttons Shawl Collar
Men’s Knitted Cardigan with Buttons Shawl Collar GBP 12.99 @ebay.com

They are available in a wide range of different styles, including distressed and unshorn ends. Shorn ends can really dress things up – try wearing them with a linen blazer for a smart and flattering look.

If you’re thinking about something a little more upscale, then a polished silk cardigan might just do the trick. These tend to be made from a heavier, more durable fabric so that you can wear them more than once before they need to be ironed. A smooth silk long black cardigan will never lose its soft and silky texture, and it has the added benefit of being extremely insulating – even in warmer weather!

Men’s long black cardigan styles can be further refined with a few more details. You might consider adding a lining and buttons to the front. Contrast stitching can give a little something extra to a design, and sometimes just a line of contrasting coloured stitching around the collar will do the trick.

NAVY 4 PLY LAMBSWOOL CARDIGAN £230.00 @cordings.co.uk

A simple square neck with a plain or contrasting coloured lining is a great and simple way to keep the look simple and uncluttered and easy to wear.

Mens long black cardigan styles are as versatile as their wonderful versatility. Take your time with this one.

Experiment with different elements to see what works for you, then build on that for your final look. Enjoy!


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