A boyfriend cardigan is a must-have in every girl’s fashion wardrobe. These versatile clothing pieces can be worn alone or with other accessories to create a simple, yet stylish look.


They are an ideal way to create the illusion of a longer torso when worn alone, and they are perfect for every occasion from work to casual.


Here, we have some basic tips and tricks on how to wear your boyfriend cardigan correctly to achieve a chic professional and casual look. Follow these fashion tips and you’ll be on your way to creating a fashionable look that both you and your boyfriend will love.

Ladies Long Sleeve Boyfriend Cardigan
Ladies Long Sleeve Boyfriend Cardigan £2.79 – £12.00 @amazon.co.uk

First, decide whether you want a sleeve or not. If you want a more traditional look, go with the full-length cardigan.


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This will provide a more tailored look that works well with tuxedos and darker suits. If you want to experiment with different patterns and styles, then opt for the short sleeve version that provides a slimming effect around the neck and shoulders.

Fluffy Eye Lash Boyfriend Cardigan
Fluffy Eye Lash Boyfriend Cardigan £10.00 @krisp.co.uk

Next, determine whether you want to open or closed collars on the cardigan. You can choose between a wide and a narrow collar.

Wide collars tend to be easier to manage during a dressy or business-like evening because they won’t get in the way. Meanwhile, the narrow collars offer a more elegant and refined look. Choose the one that best compliments your top and your bottom.

Taupe Faux Shearling Coatigan
Taupe Faux Shearling Coatigan £35.00 @romanoriginals.co.uk

How will you accessorize your boyfriend cardigan?

For a polished look, you can wear a simple, buttoned cuffed shirt along with your cardigan. You can also choose to add a waistcoat or corduroy blouse to complete the look.

For a casual but stylish look, pair a plain blouse with your cardigan. For the summer, you may want to stick with light colours like white and light blue to create a cool but still classy look.


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If your cardigan is sleeveless, you can tie the sleeve loosely with a plain tie. A leather or denim belt completes the look.

Black Tie Front Waistcoat Cardigan M
Black Tie Front Waistcoat Cardigan M £34 @nearlynewcashmere.co.uk

If your cardigan is cuffed all the way down the arm, you can pull it up into a fancy cuff, letting the sleeve hang just above the wrist. It looks great with jeans and khakis, but may not work well with a formal outfit.

Khaki Boyfriend Cardigan £12.50 @simplybe.co.uk

This style goes well with a button-down shirt because it frames the neck so the wearer doesn’t have to deal with the extra weight of the shirt. If the shirt is long-sleeved, however, you’ll want to consider a longer-sleeved cardigan that falls past the waist so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about it slipping down.

Light Grey Marl Boyfriend Cardigan
Light Grey Marl Boyfriend Cardigan £20.00 @marisota.co.uk

You can find a boyfriend cardigan in almost any style you want. You’ll find them made out of many different materials, including cashmere and silk.

Indigo Open Silk Cardigan
Indigo Open Silk Cardigan £29.00 @brandalley.co.uk

Most come in neutral colours, although you might find a few that are patterned or have a distinct print. You can wear one to work, then a more formal one to the weekend, and then a more casual one to your birthday party.

All you need to do is make sure you buy one that you like!

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