Millennials are given a lot of stick for being obsessed with modern pastimes and supposedly not understanding any of the traditions that have been passed on by previous generations. However, in a lot of cases, this just simply isn’t true. For every millennial who would rather snap another selfie for Instagram, there’s another who wants to take part in exactly the kind of activities that her grandma does. Both are equally fine in our books! So, what are young people doing today that we used to consider reserved for the older generation?

Well, let’s see…
Ever thought bingo was just for people your grandparents’ age? Well, you’d be wrong. The digital revolution has meant that this old favourite has been refreshed for online users, and now it’s anyone’s game – quite literally. The average bingo player is now just 26 years old. So why are young people getting involved? Firstly, it’s very accessible. Many bingo sites have websites which appeal to young people – has a celebrity ambassador, Verne Troyer, whilst Gossip Bingo prefers to use young and attractive models to appeal to their target base. Secondly, it’s so easy for millennials to play on their smartphones. All of the major players in the bingo world have mobile optimised sites – bgo has apps for both Android and the iPhone, as does Paddy Power.
These days, with the rise of cooking shows like the Great British Bake Off and food bloggers everywhere, cooking is a passion for many young men and women across the country. You’ll find them sharing recipes, posting about nutritional content and even getting into hosting dinner parties on every corner of the internet. As students, they’re no longer relying on packets of noodles and are actually experimenting with real ingredients and techniques. In fact, contrary to popular opinion,  students now prefer cooking to going to the pub! The older generation had better watch out – at the next family gathering, Aunt Doris might be getting outshined!

Helping The World
It’s simply unfair that young people don’t care or have a voice these days. In fact, so many of them are becoming activists for social justice, or even taking things a step further and becoming Members of Parliament. It’s no longer just the job of old men, as the amazing Mhari Black of the SNP proves. At 22, she’s been helping her constituency for the past two years, but whilst she’s the youngest MP in the world, she says she’s actually ‘tired of hearing about it’, and would rather see people focus their efforts on things that matter. This woman is absolutely refreshing, and she’s helping the world to see that sometimes, young people do have the answers. Plus, she wants to bring about real change. She’s always standing out for the little guy, and that says a lot. She’s not alone, either. Young people are spending their time volunteering and protesting for causes that matter to them. Rather than relying on the older generation to take care of things, they taking control back into their own hands.

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