We’ve all craved an exciting break in a bustling urban environment. That sense of culture, stimulation and vibrant scenery is sometimes to appealing to ignore for long. However, many people are interrailing across Europe specifically for a series quick and memorable trips. Clearly, the continent has a lot to offer…

Still, Europe’s a big place with numerous cities; how can you possibly start narrowing down the contenders and picking out a favourite? Whether you’re training your way through or utilising Paris airport transfers, there’s a lot of tempting experiences here!

Consequently, here’re the best European cities for long weekend breaks!


Look no further than Berlin if you’re craving a creatively charged cityscape. There seems to be a nugget of culture on every street corner in the German capital, with art museums aplenty and a wealth of historical sights to visit – including a cold war radio station. There’s also The Berlin Zoological Garden which is incredibly visitor friendly and well worth stopping by, with a variety of exotic animals providing all the thrills!

Berlin is the city for both the family and the young hipster type, and truly has something for everyone to sink their teeth into! There’s a bevy of swanky bars, high end restaurants and five-star hotels to get wrapped up in also. In the end, there’s no shortage of excitement and high-quality experiences in Berlin!


The city of romance didn’t earn its name by accident. Here you have iconic sights like The Eiffel Tower (which you can certainly climb), as well as some of the best food one could ever hope to experience. Fresh air, clean streets and friendly natives are commonplace in Paris, meaning that any romantic trips you want to undergo here will always go off flawlessly with nothing to dampen your spirits or spoil the fun.

Of course, there’re plenty of things to do in Paris without getting all mushy! Cruise down the river in a Seine dinner river cruise, or undertake a walking tour in the Louvre Museum which includes Venus de Milo and the incredibly famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. You can have once in a lifetime experiences back to back in Paris, so be sure to have a very long weekend break there!


Amsterdam is chock full of stimulating things to do! You can go on boat trips down their picturesque canals or get immersed in the lush Vondelpark with a good book and a picnic. Everyone cycles here too, old and young alike, so there’s a youthful and proactive energy that’s constantly surging through the city.

You can also visit the fascinating Van Gogh museum to adopt a newfound respect for the tortured artist. Tickets go fast here, so you’ll need to book them well in advance! That said, it’s worth it – there’s a David Hockey exhibition close by that’s included too. A Banksy exhibit is just across the street from here also, capping off Amsterdam’s impressive art scene. Despite Amsterdam being capital of the Netherlands, there’s a town feel here, making everything feel accessible, welcoming and close by.


European cities have a great deal of variety, but most of them boast highly incredible architectural landmarks and engaging art scenes. After all, culture can broaden the mind and enrich the song, so give yourself plenty of time to drink in everything these places have to offer. You’ll walk away a new and improved person for it all!

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