Dancer and multi-faceted Mexican-American musician, Miss Cactus, declares her intimate relationship with music and the world around her through  ‘Closer’. In her new track, she explores the beauty of falling in love with someone or the intense desire to be closer to something. Miss Cactus comes to terms with her spiritual being; she feels connected to herself. The track has been described as “A dream-like infusion of island sounds.” 

Closer is the second single, leading towards the drop of debut EP “LuvMirage” which will be filled with hard-hitting songs that radiate self-love, divine femininity, and brown girl magic. 

After her first release of 2021, “Timing” entered Submit Hub’s popular chart. Miss Cactus continues to release more deep music for her fans. Be sure to check out Closer and her upcoming EP due to be released in April. 

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