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My American Dream Boy

Have you ever had a fantasy that come true? I have! I always said that if I were to sleep with anyone abroad for one night then it would be a sexy talking, slick dressed American that spoke like Nelly or Chris Brown on MTV. 10 hours and 30minutes later and I landed in the United States of America. The hot humid air hit my face as I walked off the steps of the airplane, I was ready to live life to its fullest and let America know Miss London was in town.

Eight days, a lot of eating Pluckers chicken wings, IHOP pancakes, Fuego wraps; swimming in the lakes, running round maze looking water parks and drinking one dollar shots along with a seven hour drive to New Orleans. I met him.

It took me two night clubs, 8 shots and two drinks to ask this light skinned nelly looking, American speaking, stylish 28 year old to assist me in my walk back to the hotel. And this is where it all began.

We walked hand in hand down the strip as he kept asking me if I was sure. We stopped off at a 24-hour super market to pick up some comdoms making me feel 17 again and then continued our stroll back to the hotel. Once we got to my room which was on the forth floor and many hallway walks away we arrived.

Room 406 and we were here, I opened the door, took a deep breath, as I was about to encounter my first one nightstand and first experience with an American delight. I am not sure why, but I have always wanted to have one of them nights that American rappers speak about in their songs, I wanted a dirty, freaky night with a sexy boy, who wanted to pleasure me from head to toe and that is exactly what I got.

He throw me on the bed and pulled my shorts down and ripped open my top, climbing on top of me he kissed me then lead his mouth down to my lady parts were he licked, sucked and played with me making me squirm like a virgin who had never been touched before. He was down there for what seemed like hours making me moan and groan with delight. This feeling was like nothing I had felt before, he was forcing my legs open to as far as they could go, telling me not to run as he opened the lips of my vagina and sucked on my clit in the most amazing satisfying way. The sensation was so amazing I couldn’t handle it. I had to run up the bed and he kept grabbing my legs and kept pulling me back to his smiling face dripping with my juices, as he knew he was giving me the good licking.

After I screamed the hotel walls down with my moaning, he pulled him self up slide two fingers in side me as he positioned his penis ready to enter. When he slides in that penis my back arched so much the next day I was in pain. That night I regretted saying the words fuck me, as sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. My American dream boy fucked me so hard I had to bite the pillow, with my legs on his shoulders and my toe in his mouth; I was getting the full experience of an American fuck session.

This was the best sex I had in my life; I felt pleasure like never before. My fantasy came alive and I experienced an incredible night with an amazing guy who kissed me on my forehead, as I feel asleep on his chest from exhaustion.

After listening to Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown I was excited to see if American boys really did all the things they spoke about in there songs, and I can happily say that ladies; you are missing out.

Written By: Paige Russell

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