Address:  5 Helmsley Pl, E8
Cuisine: Burmese


We visited Burmese restaurant, Lahpet, not too long ago and were excited to try out a new cuisine. I would describe Burmese food to someone who has never experienced it before, as being similar to Thai or Vietnamese food. However, Burmese food is a cuisine in it’s own right, with a very popular feature on their menu being tea leaves, which is where the name Lahpet comes from. Burma is one of the few countries where tea leaves are eaten, as well as drunk.

We started off with some fritters, trying their range of kidney bean and ginger, sweetcorn and shan tofu. They didn’t quite win us over as the mains did.

As we proceeded to the mains, of course we were going to try the Tea Leaf Salad. After all, you can’t try a new cuisine without trying their specialty.
This is our number one dish, we’d recommend for sure. It had so many intense flavours and really can be eaten by itself as a main.

low-cooked pulled lamb topped with pickled tea leaves, served with beans and baby carrots, was the right texture and a truly mouthwatering dish. Recommended once again.


Based in London Fields, Lahpet, offers a contemporary approach to Burmese food, with an open plan layout and earthy tones.

The service was OK, but the food was the highlight of our evening. We’d go back and order specifically the tea leaf salad and the lamb and lahpet – both delicious dishes.

Ideal for: Very casual date night and hanging out with friends.

Overall Rating ★★★1/2

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