Autumn is here and very often, to fight the gloomy days, we instinctively feel the need to grab any comfort food!

The Fundamentals of a Detox:

Here are the 8 ways to get rid of our habit for a sweet tooth!

1.     1. No sugar in your drinks

If you’re used to add sugar in your coffee, tea or infusion, then try to gradually reduce the quantity added.  Try only 1 sugar cube if you’re used to 2 or 3, and then to ½ until you can drink it without! Infusion or herbal teas can replace coffee if you find it too bitter without any sugar.

2.     2. Scan the labelling

We often look at only the calories on the packaging but we need to keep an eye on the quantity of sugar as well. It can be found at “Carbohydrates” and “of which sugars”. Also ban any products that contain the following as their first components: sugars, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, isoglucose, dextrose, maltose.

3.     3. Prefer products with “No added sugar”

Law strictly supervises the products with “no added sugar”.

4.     4. Reduce sweet industrial products

The list of over-sweet products is too long but basically, it’s all that we love! Since we cannot control the amount of sugar in these, we just need to avoid them!

5.     5. Reduce the amount of sugar indicated in recipes

The quantities for recipes are usually very high. The sugar can be replaced with honey (65g to replace 100g) or agave syrup (75g for 100g), which have higher sweetening power. Fruits also significantly increase the sweet taste.

6.     6. Customise our dairy products

Choose to add spices instead, such as vanilla, cinnamon, min or ground nuts or almonds, or simply any fruits.

7.     7. Quench your thirst with water

Drinks packed with sugar trigger an insulin peak. If you find water too bland, then aromatise it with orange, lemon or grapefruit slices, mint, lavender and lemongrass or with spices such as vanilla or cinnamon sticks.

8.     8. Keep your 3 meals

To avoid any peckish feeling, we keep our 3 meals a day. If you feel peckish during the day, go for a hard egg, a slice of ham or some nuts or almonds.

Words By: Kristele Ng Man Sun

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