A fresh new talent on the R&B circuit, Nora Lani’s striking talents are set to take her to the top, and her shimmering new single ‘You Don’t Make Me Better’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come.

Self-produced by Nora, ‘You Don’t Make Me Better’ is oozing an old Hollywood glamour in its dream-like melody, the track adopts soft drum pads, sweeping basslines and voice note sound samples to create a rich atmospheric feel. Nora’s buttery vocals float in gently and marry perfectly with the hazy rhythm. Inspired by the moments leading up to a break-up, Nora explains, “You don’t make me better” reflects on a past relationship. It’s the last steps of remembering and recollecting memories about what happened, how you felt but also wonder about how you changed during the course of the relationship before fully letting go. I barely changed the lyrics from the first time I wrote it as I wanted to keep it as natural and true to my initial thoughts as possible. The chorus “You won’t break me, but you don’t make me better” is a simple conclusion after the process of reflecting that no matter how painful it was, that relationship did not manage to break me but ultimately didn’t make me better either and wasn’t healthy to stay in. Therefore, moving on was the right decision to make”. 

Influenced by the likes of Solange and Jorja Smith, Nora’s breezy Lo-Fi-fused R&B sound is brimming with honest lyricism and effortlessly smooth flows. Centraling her music around her life experiences, from love and empowerment to personal growth, her authentic approach to storytelling is unique and raw and signifies the start of a promising future for the singer-songwriter.

With tracks such as ‘You Know’ racking up over 34,000 streams on Spotify already, the Nora Lani hype is already bubbling, so be sure to hop on it early.

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