When you are pregnant, everything can seem just a bit more difficult. For many people, the idea of travelling while pregnant seems impossible but this is not the case at all. In fact, many people decide to travel when pregnant in order to have a ‘babymoon’ before their lives change forever. For this kind of trip, there are certain things to consider to stay safe.

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To help you with this, we have put together some tips for travelling while pregnant. Use these tips to plan your perfect trip.

When Can You Travel?

The first tip that we have for those planning on travelling when pregnant is to find the perfect time to go. According to health professionals, it is recommended that you travel during your second trimester at around 15 to 28 weeks. Travelling before this could trigger your sickness and tiredness and after could cause you to deliver your baby early in another country. Make sure to plan your trip at the right time so that you don’t risk either of these things. Of course, with travel restrictions in place around the world right now, this could prove more difficult.

Do You Need Special Insurance?

As with any kind of trip, you’ll need to get the right travel insurance for your trip whilst pregnant. While you don’t need to always declare that you are pregnant before buying the insurance, there are some cases where it could be beneficial to do so. For example, when you buy travel insurance from Staysure, you’ll need to let them know if you have any medical conditions and these could be related to your pregnancy such as high blood pressure. If you don’t have medical conditions, travel insurance is still vital as any issues you could experience abroad will seriously cost you.

Finding the Destination

Our next tip for those who are travelling whilst pregnant is to make sure that you are choosing the right destination. Many people opt for a sunny island for their babymoon, but this can be risky. You shouldn’t find that there are any serious reasons why you can’t go somewhere warm, as long as you are staying hydrated and have a hotel with air conditioning. The humidity will get to you and will make you feel uncomfortable if you don’t deal with it. One thing to note is that if you book a trip to somewhere with high altitude, you’ll need to ask your doctor first.

Take It Easy

Finally, if you are planning on travelling whilst pregnant, you’ll want to take it easy. This trip should be a relaxing one and not one that requires you to hike up a hill to get to your hotel or drag a heavy suitcase for long periods of time. You need to remember that you have a baby inside of you and so shouldn’t be doing anything too strenuous. If you can find some activities that don’t require too much movement then this might be right for you. Think about going on a beach holiday where all you need to do is relax in the sun.

Final Verdict

Travelling when pregnant doesn’t have to be tricky if you stick to the guidelines we have set out. You need to make sure that you are travelling at the right time in your pregnancy and that you are not putting your child in danger. Try to travel with others to help you if you need it and don’t forget to get some travel insurance. Pregnancies can be unpredictable and so travel insurance can certainly come in handy.

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