We have all heard of the old cliché of holiday romance and many of us have actually had them. But are holiday romances ever a good idea and can they ever turn into a real relationship?

I have heard a few stories where summer romances have gone further than a mere 2 week ‘bit of fun’ and I am sure you have to. There are couples out there who have had whirlwind fairytale romances and have actually ended up happily married. In this world of social media and instant messaging and skyping people that are half way across the world, it does make you think that maybe it is possible. Maybe you can meet ‘the one’ wherever you are and maybe there are enough resources out there to keep the relationship going.

It is also much more likely that if you meet somebody in a different country you would not only be able to keep in contact with them but that one of you would be able to visit frequently and eventually relocate.

But then again, maybe for most people this could only ever be a fantasy. After all is a two week holiday really enough time to get to know someone? Also aren’t you that little bit different when you’re on holiday? I don’t know about you but I am much more carefree, free of responsibility and just able to be spontaneous. Therefore would it be hard to integrate someone you meet in the holiday world into your everyday life?

Going away this summer? Single and ready to mingle? One thing that you should consider if you want to take a holiday fling further, make sure you find out what the view of the other person is – worst thing ever is not being on the same page! So be careful and always guard your heart!

Bring on the holiday season!

Words by: Maria Louisa Scott

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