Urban Ice

Address: 67 Woolwich New Road, Woolwich
Tw: @UrbanIceUK
Cuisine: Desserts, Ice Cream, Milkshakes


We were invited to visit the brand new dessert joint cooling down Woolwich, London.
Urban Ice is not only a gem but it’s a sweet-tooth’s dream, accompanied by the finest urban hits play listed across the UK and an edgy and enthusiastic team.

The menu alone features over fifty desserts made up of various sundaes, thickshakes, crepes, waffles, gelato and cakes; including more than twenty variations of its famous #Freakshakes.

What’s more impressive about this dessert diner is that unlike other establishments, Urban Ice prides itself on it’s onsite made gelato ensuring an authentic process and quality product for every batch produced.

The venue is intelligently designed with a spacious counter enticing you to delicious treats while being able to see your food being prepared.
Downstairs hosts a party room for large groups who want to celebrate Urban Ice style with an array of catering options available to further add to the celebratory experience.

Admittedly, choosing two things from the menu was difficult, it was literally like a child in a candy shop moment.

As the sweet smell of homemade waffles and the curiosity of the #Freakshake began to bring on the ultimate munch we ordered a ‘make your own’ freakshake made up of a peanut butter thick shake and a standardly issued mini doughnut, topped with a slice of chocolate fudge cake then drizzled with salted caramel sauce. This could have been a sweet tooth’s dream or diabetes in a glass handled mason jar – but we know it was heavenly for sure.

Unable to finish the monstrous dessert/drink; we were brought a ‘Fruit forrest waffle’ that consisted of a large warm waffle, topped with blue berries, strawberries, banana and kiwi presented with a side serving of fresh soft ice cream.

Although there was no way on earth we could demolish this beautifully light and almost more healthy alternative; the burst of flavour from the bite we had was mouthwatering to say the least.

Amidst the border of defeat, Urban Ice owner Mehmet decided to pull out all the stops and finished the Amor team off with a succulently crisp strawberry and white chocolate crepe that truly left us in a position of #NoCheatDays for a month.

While wiping our mouths with Urban Ice branded wet wipes and napkins, we took a moment to take in the atmosphere that the diner has brought to the town centre; a place where families, business people, friends and even dates are brought together.

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With competitors quickly reaping the benefits of inner London areas, Urban Ice is in a great location and the desserts are amazing. For those who don’t mind a few extra calories from their visit then this is a great place to try out and explore its varied menu; again the fruit forrest waffle is a healthier alternative and can be eaten for breakfast.


WORDS: @TherryiJay

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