Create a daily skin care routine. This should include a cleanse, tone and moisturise.

*Beautyful Tip* Use a daily exfoliator such as Dermalogica and a daily Microfoliant combined with your regular cleanser. This will save you extra time and remove dead and flaky skin from the face, leaving you with baby smooth skin and a natural glow.

Step 2:

How many of you are having your daily 2ltrs of water every day? Did you know that skin dehydration is often mistaken for dryness? So keep moisturising and get hydrating.

*Beautyful Tip* Start your day off by drinking warm water with honey and lemon. This will speed up your metabolism and aid digestion and weight loss. Lemon’s high vitamin C content has anti-ageing benefits keeping you young. It is also excellent for sore throats that the cold weather has brought to many of us.

Step 3:

We always complain that we haven’t got enough hours in the day for work, painting our nails, dying our hair and cooking.

*Beautyful Tip* Hydrate your skin with mask. Remember whatever you put on your skin has a reaction.

Dry skin – To nourish and bring back some goodness into our skin use milk and honey based mask.

Oily Skin –  To take away some of that excess oil from the surface of the skin use a clay based mask

Acne prone skin – Skin that suffers from break outs needs extra care as it is often sensitive. Try using a medicated mask to clear the completion and soothe.

Sensitive skin – Skin that is sensitive reacts to products and causes a red skin tone. Try using a natural mask.

All of these can be applied and left for 10-15 minutes whilst doing something else, so there you have it a cure that can kill two birds with one stone.

Step 4:

We are all missing the sun and becoming paler, the obvious alternative is to ‘fake it’.

Ladies I know it’s tempting but steer away from sunbeds. They will only cause you a serious skin condition and irreversible damage. This usually begins to show later in life.

*Beautyful Tip* Test out some tinted moisturisers and fake tans, remember to exfoliate and moisturise well beforehand to ensure an even application. If you’re feeling like an extra treat how about booking yourself in for a spray tan, I recommend fake bake.

Step 5:

Stress and a busy lifestyle have an effect on almost every part of our body. How about trying something new and buying yourself a gift such as lipstick, once a week. Nude lipstick always contrasts well with earthy tones and is ideal to compliment the camouflage trend this autumn.

*Beautyful Tip* If your lips are chapping use your tooth brush to brush away any dead skin  once a week and apply a lip moisturiser before going to bed I recommend Carmex.

Article can be found in Oct/Nov 2011 Issue 8:

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