Published on 19th July 2020

Rashelle has everything you want from a feisty female that is comfortable in her skin and sexuality, and more importantly, happy to visually express that in her music. Self-described as “Stripper music,” Rashelle’s sound embodies the lifestyle she once was apart of. “I’ve been working in strip clubs since the age of 17 which has heavily influenced my music, my style, and my performances. I am a big advocate for strippers and sex workers so I will continue to always be unapologetically sexy! That’s what empowers me personally and empowers a large group of women that relate to this lifestyle,” she explains

We caught up with Rashelle and asked her the top 5 tracks that have influenced her and here’s what she had to say.

The Hills – The Weeknd 

I love this song! It’s full of that dark moody vibe that’s super sexy! I’m a big fan of the weekend and think They are always so lyrically very smart! I love the effects on his vocal in this and the production is incredible!

Lap dance – N.E.R.D

prob one of my all time favourite songs ever!!! Very aggressive and empowering!

This song has heavily influenced me and my music as an artist! I’ve covered it a few time live .

Its political lyrics and out law statements has helped mould my rebellious flair ! I Feel like such a bad bitch whenever this comes on.

Bodak yellow – Cardi B

So I love Cardi B ! Shes one of the only female artists that I feel truly represents

Making it from rags to riches! I love her back story and relate to her so much regarding the stripper background, she is so authentic !

This song is so feisty and make me feel invincible when I play it! It’s a great vibe and I’m never sick of singing along to it.

Kream -iggy azalea ft tiger 

This is one of the best strip clubs songs! One of my favourite to pole dance to !

I’m very inspired by iggy! Her over all style and vibe – I’ve followed her success since before she was a house hold name and when she released Kream I think I must of played it repeatedly for weeks in a row !

Milk shake – Kelis

I used to be in a band with a bunch of guys and rappers, and when I joined -one of the rappers would start the show

With the intro of Eminem loose yourself and the mix would suddenly change and I would jump in and start my set with a cover of milkshake! The crowd would go crazy for this song also because they were not expecting a female to jump on stage and perform it so I have amazing memories of this and I love that Kelis is one of the original unapologetic Bad bitches and she’s inspired me a lot!

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