Remel London’s ‘Rate Me Plz’ Summer Showcase – Reviewed!

 Shoreditch, Queen of Hoxton, 8pm – ‘Rate Me Plz’

Brought to you by the dazzling radio presenter Remel London ‘Rate Me Plz’ is a brand new platform 100% dedicated to unsigned artists in the UK, particularly promoting those in the urban music scene.

The concept is totally fresh! The show is dedicated to supporting and uplifting the under-dog; alongside an innovative and informative opportunity to network, with some of the music industries key role models.
This month’s guests were as follows:
DJ Target (BBC 1extra)
DJ Manny Norte (Choice FM)
Artist Manager Colin Basta

Other artist who blessed the stage were:
Mikey Smith
Rachel Kerr 

The open-mic session was amazing! The prizes were a 3 hour studio session at Novacane studios as well as the opportunity to be the opening act on the next ‘Rate Me Plz’ showcase. It was exhilarating to witness a diverse array of artists, with the confidence to participate in an open-mic session. The audience was drawn between 2 artists, who ended up both winning the studio session. We must admit – raptress “Miss Banks” and male singer MK stole the stage!

The speakers graced the stage with top tips and advice for music creatives; here are some key points we thought aspiring musicians will benefit from:
1. Maintain a thick skin, be prepared for positive and negative criticism.

2. Own your craft! Approach individuals in the music industry with confidence. Personality accounts for the majority of their decision-making.

3. Understand your product/brand – you will need to know how to sell yourself.

 4. Make sure your music is easily accessible. The first 30 seconds of a song, needs to be attractive to the recipient, this will determine whether they listen to the whole track.

5. Remain humble!

These fundamental statements from the speakers really stood out us; think of these as the Top 5 attributes needed to secure a future as a music creative. It is important to understand that the UK music industry is very small; so take care with how you conduct yourself.

Overall, the showcase was well rounded!  Even if you have no aspirations to be a musician, you will enjoy the show. Make sure you check out the next ‘Rate Me Plz’ Amorelles! It’s a far cry from the same-old urban showcase held in the Shoreditch district.

Written by Lydia Oh , Edited by Ashanti Afiotor

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