Published on 5th March 2019

The wet look is back this season and one of the favourite looks from most beauty junkies. From slicked hair to glowy skin, this trend will have you feeling yourself all season.


Whether you are attempting this style on your natural hair on or on a weave/wig this can be accomplished on either or. Simply spray a curl enhancer all over the hair, a good one to use is the Shea moisture curl enhancer smoothie which can be purchased from Superdrug. (water actually dries your hair out funnily enough therefore this look won’t last with water alone) Once you have applied this product all over the hair, scrunch up the hair in sections with your hand then leave this product in the hair for around 2 minutes before applying a small amount of gel over the hair – this will ensure that when the product eventually dries out, the curls will remain.


This is my favourite, i’m simply a skincare junkie! If you want a nice dewy look (dewy not oily) then a good start would be to implement a serum into your routine. This has honestly changed my life as having oily skin but my face still felt tight at times and this was because there was not any product penetrating to the bottom layer of my skin. Therefore although my face would look moisturised, this was only on the top layer – whereas serums penetrate all the way through to the bottom layer which gives your skin a natural glow after some time. A good serum I would recommend is the Lancome Genefique, although it is a little pricey to be honest I have always thought that when it comes to skincare it should majority of the time be an investment.  A normal moisturiser on top is still needed so make sure that you don’t forget that.


After prepping the skin and still keeping in mind the dewy look that we are going after, use a light coverage foundation. Loreal’s true match is a great light/medium coverage foundation which gives such a beautiful glow. They have over 20 shades from the lightest of shades to medium/dark.

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