Budding sultry superstar Sarah Tromley has kicked off her year with her brand new single, ‘Fake It’. The terrifically tempting R&B inspired pop track may only be 2 minutes long but it packs the punch of one twice its length. Co-produced by HitCo Entertainment’s Aaron Reid and one of the ingenious minds behind both of Kanye West’s Donda albums, Ethan ‘SUTL’ Robinson, ‘Fake It’, is a deeply alluring R&B-pop fusion. Crafted by creatives with an abundance of talent, Sarah Tromley is well on her way to becoming one of the most thrilling emerging artists. 

Pulling on her experiences as identifying as sexually fluid, Sarah Tromley’s narrative style remains entirely ambiguous and up to the interpretation of her listeners as individuals: “This track came from the idea that we as women are forced to “fake it til we make it” in so many parts of our lives, including sex… that its almost freeing when you find something that’s real. The first time you no longer have to fake it leaves you chasing a high of authenticity. Real emotion. Feeling alive. We need to feel safe and loved enough to show up as our truest selves in all aspects of life, especially in the bedroom.”

Be sure to listen to Sarah Tromley’s ‘Fake It’.

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