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Whatever look you desire, semi permanent lashes can achieve it! From long to short, from curly to slant to straight, from false to natural looking! We LOVE false eyelashes! Eyelash extensions are worn by many celebrities, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear them. With prices for semi-permanent eyelashes starting at roughly £70, it enables the average girl next door to get those eyelashes fluttering- women everywhere are becoming lash addicted!

Each individual lash is made from synthetic fibres and is applied, one by one, to your own natural lashes. It is hard to say exactly how long semi-permanent lashes last, as their existence is determined by proper care, touch up visits and your natural lash cycle. Normally natural eyelashes fall out every 60-90 days, then a new one grows instantly. This is referred to as the natural lash cycle. Touch up visits are recommended every 2-3 weeks to replace the fallen lashes.

Article can be found in February 2012 Issue 10:

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