Satin bikini bottoms are all the rage this summer. Whether you’re wearing boy cut shorts or a sexy hipster dress, you’re sure to draw attention with your choice of undergarment. The most popular colours for this season are black and white. As the UK weather begins to heat up, we’ve put together a list of the top trends to wear this summer

Satin bikini bottoms with boy cut shorts imageIf you’re in love with your body and want to highlight it’s curved, a pair of boy-cut shorts in shiny satin is the way to go. These gorgeous bikinis give the illusion of a flatter tummy as well as giving you that smooth sexy legs and bottom to look good with them. The cut of your shorts should be ankle length for balance and will complement your bikini bottoms. A lace front thong or string bikini bottoms also looks good with satin shorts. A ruched bikini bottom looks especially pretty when worn with boy-cut shorts.

Satin is also extremely popular with equestrians due to its lightweight and durability. Equestrian riders choose satin as their choice of undergarment because of its comfort and ability to trap moisture so their horse can maintain a cool temperature. Other styles include silk and leather. Satin is also a popular choice for evening and day wear. Satin can be found in styles like tankinis, frills and lace camisoles. These romantic styles are great for intimate nights out.

silk Bikini Bottoms image
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The hot weather means wearing sexy skimpy outfits is also popular among women. Nothing screams sexier than sheer lingerie. A shimmering satin corset or thong looks absolutely beautiful under short skirts or jeans. Be sure to layer over some high cut tights for even more sophistication. You can also go the extra mile by wearing fishnet stockings, tights and a matching knee-length skirt.Women Sexy Lingerie Sheer Scalloped Satin image Lace is also a hot fashion trend. A lace halter or strapless dress can look ultra sexy under a short skirt. Look for styles that come up to the hips to really drive the look home. For the summer months, a spicy little hemline in a hot colour like red is super hot. This is one of the hottest ways to accent your legs with some sparkle.

Another popular trend in satin bikini bottoms is bikinis. If you are planning on swimming, the best way to feel sexy and attractive is to show off your body in your favourite bikini. Choose a bikini top that features one or more of the hot colours in the fashion mix and you will definitely be the life of the party.

bikini top imageSatin is sexy, whether it’s covered in white satin or in deep black. Choose a style that complements your skin tone as well. White is a popular choice, but you can also choose to go for black. It just depends on how confident you feel with your skin. There are some gorgeous black satin tops out there. They can also work for those of you who aren’t too sure about your body.

satin bikini for swimwear imageChoosing the right satin bikini bottoms may take some time. Think about what you want the most from your swimwear. Spend some time looking through different retailers to see what is offered. The internet has some great deals on satin so you can get the style and colour you want without having to pay a lot of money.

You can make the colour of your top go with the colour of your swimsuit. For instance, if you have a red bottom you could wear a red one with a blue top. A combination of red and green looks amazing. You can also add accessories like a pair of stilettos to give you the look of some of the sexiest women around. If you don’t have some of those items, you can always buy them separately.

Bikini with stilettos imageJust because you’re buying a bikini doesn’t mean you should skimp on the lingerie. You can still pick something that will show off your body. Choose a satin bodystocking that has ruffles in the pattern or something that has lace on the straps. The lace will help to slim your waistline and it will give you some sexy support as well.

Satin is sexy on many levels. You can get it from the store or you can make your own. If you choose the store-bought versions you can be assured they aren’t made using the highest quality materials. However, when you make your own you can use all sorts of fabrics. It’s not just for when you’re wearing your bikini bottoms, it’s also great for wearing underneath your clothes too.

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