There is no denying the fact that cow print jeans have gained huge popularity with both men and women. There are various reasons for this trend but the primary reason is undeniably popular among young females – they love to wear them. These jeans are not only extremely comfortable but are also very stylish and modern. Following are some of the most happening trends in cow print jeans in London.

Cow Print Jeans Image
COW PRINT RUNWAY – Relaxed fit jeans @ £46.99 Zalando

One of the most popular trends is to pair these jeans with denim fabrics. The best way to accessorize such a garment is an oversized shirt. Denim jeans are generally made from heavy fabric like tweed, denim and cotton, which helps them maintain their shape and keep them trendy. However, if you wish to wear skinny jeans, then just ensure that the shirt is of the proper size. A cotton shirt will look great on you.

Cow Print skinny jeans
Animal Cow Printed Skinny Pants Women Denim @ £15.99

Another trend gaining popularity is to wear cow print jeans along with vintage prints. The old-time classics are extremely popular with teenage girls these days. This includes prints like stripes, pinks, blacks and pastels. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a trendy pattern into your wardrobe. You can find various retro accessories along with your prints to give you an updated look.

Leather accessories are another popular option for those looking for a funky and edgy style. For instance, you can pair your cow print dress with an oversized belt that has a buckle or a large chain. Earrings, jewellery, pendants and necklaces made of leather are also in vogue. Remember to pick colours that will enhance your whole outfit.

cow print dress with belt
Simone Animal Print Midi Dress @ £139.00

For those who are not into animal prints, you can still incorporate them into your daily attire. Denim and cotton blend shirts are ideal for the day. You can also opt for sweatshirts and tee-shirts. Other options include sweatshirts, blouses and jackets in animal prints. Denim or cotton blend shirts can be paired with different colours of cow print jeans and blouses.

cow print distressed jeans
Distressed patchwork animal print jeans @ €103.78 Etsy

Cow print jeans are not for the fainthearted. In fact, they are perfect for women who are into jazz or rock music. You’ll definitely look great in them because they come in funky colours and styles. If you want to go for something that is very unique, then you should definitely get distressed jeans.

Distressed prints used to be quite difficult to find but today you just have to look online. There are lots of online stores that offer women’s jeans with prints. A lot of shops even offer whole matching outfits that come with the prints as well. For a very low price, you can already buy one-piece outfits that come with cool prints.

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