Online dating is big business and according to The Guardian 6 million brits visit dating sites every month. Many couples find love, get married, have children and have happy relationships together.

This all sounds great right?

You are no longer constrained to meeting that perfect person in your local area, you don’t have to ask someone out in person and you don’t  have to have that awkward first date moment where neither one of you knows what to say. In fact you can have your pick of a smorgasbord of single men who are looking for love.

But is all this too good to be true? In many cases – yes.

Online dating is disastrous and sometimes even dangerous. In reality you can never really get to know someone through a dating site. The truth is, it’s impossible to know whether anybody is even who they say they are.

People can edit their words and looks online so what you see is a polished version of what they want you to see. The US TV show Catfish has proven this numerous times. As an online dater you become vulnerable and open to dishonesty, theft and sadly heartbreak.

Deep down we all know the dangers, so why are so many of us so quick to open our hearts to people we only have virtual relationships with?

Perhaps a lack of options, loneliness, boredom, a yearning to be noticed, shyness or the hope of finding love?

But aren’t some things best without the interference of rising technology?

It may seem old fashioned but maybe we should all take a step back when it comes to our love life and fall in love in person.

Online dating can be a brilliant thing and it can undoubtedly change people’s lives for the better but there is the need to remain cautions. In the pursuit of love, remember to stay guarded until you know for sure that everything is as it seems.

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Written By Maria Scott

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