I think 90 per cent of the western population have watched American hit sitcoms such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, and Saved by the Bell, to name but a few, for comedic value mostly, however 90’s fashion has spun back on trend, and as a consequence programs such as these have become a fashion style influence now.

Denim skirts, baggy shirts, oversized tee’s and jumpers, ‘mom’ jeans, crops, aztec patterns and clashing colours, fitted A-line jackets and matching two pieces, have all been popular pieces in most wardrobes this year.

Heavily influenced by the style of the ‘naughty nighties’, where designers were finally able to flaunt their rebellious style by subverting against previous fashion conventions, by creating more masculine inspired designs within the womenswear domain.

Most of the key items are already pieces that most people have a stable items of thier wardrobe, however high-street names such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop/Topman, and Zara are just a few that have been known to use this era as a style influence.

Fashion blogger, Lucy Rance, recently did an interview with Urban outfitters:

UO: What are you into right now?

LR: Mom jeans and velvet skirts, which are a big trend right now.

UO: Who’s your ‘90s idol?

LR: Phoebe Buffay – I’m obsessed with Friends. Her style is just amazing, who else could get away with wearing bright orange fluffy coats?

UO: Do you have a favourite Friends episode?

LR: Smelly Cat, it’s the one with the music video”

It’s not just me who is mad for the 90′s TV fashion era.

So, if you’re ever having a fashion disaster day, just check out your favourite childhood show to get inspired!

Words: Natalie Toft 

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