The Skin Academy have developed a new range called Skin Academy Zero which has become the UK’s most eco-friendly beauty range. Combining beauty and the protection of the environment, Skin Academy Zero is 100% natural, 100% recyclable/recycled packaging and a sustainable skincare range that is set to shape the future of the beauty industry.

The brand really is zero by name and zero by nature, so you can care for your skin and your planet at the same time! It is vegan friendly too! Their intentions were to create a standout range that allows consumers the luxury of natural, premium skincare at affordable prices. With the range starting at only £9.99 – it is fair to say they have exceeded their intentions!

The Skin Academy Zero range consists of a hand and nail cream, face scrub, face wash, eye cream, day cream and a night cream. The packaging most definitely channels a prestige look, my personal favourite was the day and night cream. All of the Skin Academy Zero tubes are made from sugarcane ethanol, the retail boxes from partially recycled cardboard and the caps, jars and lids are all fully recyclable.

Each and every product from this range exudes luxury in its formula. The creams leave your skin feeling saturated and nourished without being too heavy. The face wash is enriched with sacha inchi oil, sweet almond oil and apricot seeds which exfoliates the skin without causing miniature tears in the skin like some scrubs do.

This new skincare range from Skin Academy is the shift in the beauty industry that we needed – environmentally safe skincare products. No more destructive palm oil, this 100% natural range is the perfect new addition without having to break the bank!

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