MALAKO skincare is an ethical brand that prides itself in creating meaningful and purposeful products that will heal the customer from the inside out.

Each product is infused with Lemongrass, May Chang and Frankincense which is designed to uplift your mood as well as support the healing of skin.

The 17 carefully selected natural therapeutic ingredients all work together to ease stressed skin and nourish and repair dry skin.

MALAKO has a zero tolerance towards animal testing and work extremely hard to commit to this policy daily. This will mean that they do not conduct or commission for approval of any animal testing of its kind. The firm believe of MALAKO is to deliver highly effective skincare products that will work on types of skin conditions.


This scrub will give your skin a fresh awakening and leave your skin smelling revitalised. Infused with sunflower seed oil, Lemongrass leaf oil, fruit oil and seed powder – you can already tell that you are in for a skin to soul renewal.

This will also calm and awaken tired skin and a tired mind with vitamins that help to improve blood circulation, and natural exfoliating properties that will hydrate dull skin and bring forth a healthy radiant glow.


This lightweight oil is infused with beautiful scents such as Lemongrass once again which is the perfect ingredient for healing of the skin and reducing stress. The product is a nourishing non-greasy formula which can be included in your sunday self care routine after a bubble bath.

Other ingredients included such as Coconut and Apricot oil and Babassu which is used to clear skin and fight against signs of acne.

As this product is 100% vegan, this can be used with no worries of guilt as it gently refreshes your skin, hair and mood.

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