The wedding industry took a significant hit from the pandemic. In fact, the UK wedding industry is estimated to have lost a staggering £5.2billion to covid. Weddings were illegal at one point, and thousands of couples had to cancel or postpone their celebrations. The wedding industry was turned on its head and permanently changed as we know it.

As small businesses shut down across the country, many independent wedding suppliers and vendors went out of business. Fortunately, most of the larger wedding companies survived the pandemic and can help to rebuild the industry.

The pandemic accelerated the progression of these wedding trends.

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Small wedding parties  

In recent years, wedding parties have been getting smaller and smaller. Brides and grooms are no longer choosing ten men and women to stand behind them. Instead, only the couples nearest and dearest are included in the wedding party. A smaller wedding party restores the exclusivity of this tradition and makes it feel even more special to be selected.

Choose less traditional wedding dresses

Colourful wedding gowns are bigger and better than ever. Brides are choosing bold prints, fashionable silhouettes, and unique designs for the wedding outfit. Suits, mini dresses, and relaxed summer garments are more popular for small casual weddings. Couples are also looking to choose their wedding rings from an array of styles so they can find the one that best reflects their relationship.

Smaller guest lists

One of the most noticeable changes is that couples are opting for much smaller weddings. In the last year, small weddings were allowed in certain periods. At one point, couples could have six guests at their celebration, then fifteen guests, thirty guests, and so on. The pandemic restrictions made couples choose guests based on quality over quantity. They created an intimate gathering with bespoke catering menus and stunning decorations. With fewer guests to provide for, couples could afford to splash out on other items to create an indulgent day. Many couples are still concerned about covid, and smaller weddings are likely to continue in the coming months.

More outdoor venues

The pandemic restrictions outline that outdoor events are less likely to spread covid. Tented wedding celebrations are popular right now – especially with the summer weather. Tents covered in flowers, fairy lights and drapes can make for the most beautiful wedding venue.

The pandemic also impacted our financial stability, and many couples lost money on weddings planned for 2020. A tent wedding is a great way to save money while also embracing an intimate and beautiful wedding.

The wedding industry has seen numerous trends emerge over the past few months. If you’re going to a wedding this year, keep a look out for any new traditions and trends!

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