London born, LA based artist Sophia Gripari has dropped the visuals to her latest single, ‘Lie To Me’. The track follows lead single “Hate You But I Don’t”, the first of Sophia’s releases during the COVID-19 quarantine, which was released alongside a ‘Quarantine Music Video‘, featuring 70 people filmed straight from their living rooms around the world. Here’s the video below:

We also caught up with the singer to ask her what music has influenced her. Find out below:

1. Drive – Oh Wonder

– Oh Wonder’s debut album is one of the only records I can put on start to finish and not ever feel the need to skip one track. I love how minimalistic the production is on this track, the chorus gets stuck in my head almost every time I listen to it and the bridge in this song is one of my all time favourites.

2. Hard Place – H.E.R.

– When I come up with song concepts, a useful thing for me is taking idioms/familiar conversational phrases and flipping them in an interesting way. Taking the phrase ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’ and replacing it with love is genius. I love how it starts off with an acoustic guitar and the track is built around the song, rather than the other way round. I admire how musically involved H.E.R. is and how she’s an incredible instrumentalist, performer, writer and singer.

3. Make It Up To You – Julia Michaels

– I still remember the first time I heard this song, every time a new section was introduced, I got so excited. Every time I thought it had reached the best part of the song, I was wrong. The backing vocal arrangement is so detailed and adds so much to the track. In my own music, the backing vocals are probably what we spend the most time on when it comes to recording. Julia Michaels’ lyrics are also pretty much flawless.

4. Same Old – SHY Martin

– I could list almost all of SHY Martin’s discography as some of my favourite songs but I’ve gone with this one because of her melodic sensibility and the production in the chorus.

5. Like You Say You Do – Gabrielle Aplin

– I love the mix of live instrumentation and electronic production in this song, the bass line in the chorus is crazy. I love how the verse and pre build up with more atmospheric pads to get to the really bouncy chorus that has a lot of space (and really cool percussive elements). I’ve been experimenting with this idea lately in some of my own music.

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