Published on 7th August 2019

If you are looking for a summer bop, look no further than 23yr old singer/songwriter Madison Paris.  Hailing from Slough the rising starlet is capitalising on that summer glow, with her latest single ‘Skin Good.’

In ‘Skin Good’ Madison tells a sensual story of an attraction which is heated up by her adoration of her lovers skin. The track instantly transports the listener into a tropical dream. With an infectious melody and smooth R&B vocals the single is undeniably one to have on repeat when you are chilling out in the sun. Madison Paris’s hypnotic, sensual vocals are a highlight of the song alongside the tropical beat which will have you wining your waist in no time.

About the Artist: 

 Madison Paris is already carving out her own space in the music industry. The rising star is the face of Footasylum x Nike Utility Boot campaign. She has additionally supported acts such as girl group M.O. and rapper Cadet (RIP). Moreover her previous tracks ‘Rum & Wine’ landed a spot at BBC 1XTRA’s track of the week and her song ‘Triple’ is already gaining traction, having premiered on US radio.

You can find out more about Madison Paris:

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