Who is J.A.E?  Well she’s more than just three letters in the alphabet. She is the latest soul singer and songwriter, hailing from London. Having many talents J.A.E started off her music career as a poet, using the Alias J.A.E Poet, J.A.E merged music and poetry to create ‘moetry.’ In 2018 she went on to release her single “Love Me Right.”

J.A.E’s  latest single ‘Poison’ brings us all the way back to the 90’s as she channels those old skool vibes, and takes the audience on a chilled out ride throughout the track with her sultry voice. The song hits all of our senses although rooted in soul it touches on elements of R&B, Hip-Hop and Jazz.

The infamous opening lines ‘Baby I don’t want your boyfriend he’s looking at me.’ Summarises the concept of J.A.E.’s song perfectly. Poison explores the story of women who throw shade at other women because their boyfriends are showing just a little too much interest in them.

Playing the role as the omniscient narrator J.A.E forewarns the women by letting them know, the boy is.. .. you guessed it, poison! The song also features Thornton Heath Rapper ‘Dotty’, who brings the male perspective to the track. He lets females know that not all men are the same and there are some that see women as more than just a sexual object.

Speaking on the record J.A.E states  “I wrote poison based on personal experiences of girls showing hostility to their fellow females because their boyfriends were showing interest and being unfaithful. It’s a playful take on the confidence I have that situations like this can be diffused easily when you are grown and understanding about it.”

If you want to hear more from J.A.E her debut EP will be coming very soon!

You can find out more about J.A.E  on her instagram here and her Twitter here

Words: @gyallikeannie 

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