fter premiering his debut mixtape ‘Nothin’ But A Mixtape’ on Complex last week, which has received nothing but praise and good reviews, Isaiah follows up by releasing the video to ‘Wait For Me’ one of the more solid Grime tracks on the mixtape. Grime is where Isaiah’s heart seems to be but he also delves into hip -hop and more conscious rap on the mixtape, so it’s only natural to follow up with this video.

‘Wait For Me’ shows Isaiahs strength and mindset as a young but determined artist as he spits “I Just want to make some music, get some love and chase my dreams” on the hook and shows his exceptional flow on the verses. It would be hard to imagine without looking at the video that he has only just turned 17-years old as his lyrics are far beyond his age. Working closely with one of the most sought after Grime producers in the scene, it was Preditah that first heard the beat for ‘Wait For Me’ produced by Swifta Beater, and hooked it up for him!

At only 17 years old this young up and coming Grime MC from the West Country is vivacious and resolute and already has a string of achievements to his name, such as performing at Glastonbury, Wireless and Isle Of Wight festivals.

Already co-signed by some major tastemakers in the game, it would be hard not to keep your eye on Isaisah who has been rapping since the young age of 7 years old, 10 years later now! Latest track ‘U See Me’ was Zane Lowe’s Next Hype and Mistajam’s Radio Ripper and he has also seen support from DJ Target and Toddla T and has been on DJ Cameo’s Gimme Grime freestyle. How many 17-year olds emcee’s can say that?

Isaiah Dreads – Wait For Me [Video]


Isaiah Dreads – Nothin’ But A Mixtape [Free Downloadable Mixtape]

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