It’s official, whether we want to admit it or not winter has arrived. Although we have been a little lucky with warmer days for the past couple of days, the colder nights never seem to disappear that is why we are giving some ideal tips for keeping your skin in top tip shape this winter a long with products that will see your glow through.

Marula Oil moisturising serum 

I’m sure most of you know the importance of a serum but for those of you that don’t, essentially what the role of serum is – is to hydrate the skin from the bottom layer of the skin as you have three layers, and a normal moisturiser can only soak into first layer of skin. Therefore a serum is applied on first, then a moisturiser on top. This Marula oil serum which I have been using for around 2 weeks now acts as a moisturiser and serum in one, if you have tried this product then you would know exactly what I mean as it’s rich in texture but not oily or sticky – it’s the perfect kind of rich and can actually be used by it self. I’ve noticed already that my skin has been looking more brighter as I’ve been using this both day and night so even if I don’t have a good night’s sleep it technically won’t show which is a bit of magic for you. It contains vitamin C & E which basically helps to renew and rejuvenate the skin on a daily basis.


Sugar lip scrub 

What I enjoy the most about my Sunday’s is doing my weekly self care duties such as exfoliating my whole body, and I didn’t know until just recent that’s its even extra important to exfoliate your lips every couple of days too. Since we use our mouth for quite a lot it only makes sense to exfoliate and keep them feeling hydrated and plumped on a regular basis. This lip scrub from The Glow pot has the most amazing edible taste containing sweet almond oil blended with jojoba oil to condition, hydrate and protect the lips.


Clay mask

I used to be quite funny about clay masks, just because I am quite oily and I assumed that it would take away my oil and make my skin dry (I’ve heard so many horror stories like this) until I researched the importance of doing a frequent mask session. Get mask’d which is an Australian brand offer a selection of masks to wake up your skin. The Bentonite clay mask is a popular mask as it can be used as a 3 in 1 meaning as a face mask, body mask and hair mask which I believe is a new thing that quite a few brands are now doing. Once water is added to this dry mark is quickly turns into a smooth texture which helps to draw out any impurities leaving the skin clearer and brighter.get-maskd-300x300-6909635

Face Mask: Mix and apply to your face for a tightening and detoxing experience, this mask will help pull impurities as well as tighten.

Hair Mask: Mix and apply to your hair as a mask and leave on for 20 mins before washing out with shampoo for shiny, healthier and stronger hair.

Body Mask: Mix and apply to your body or add 3 tablespoons to your bath for an all over relaxation & body detox. Do not exceed 15-20 mins of soak time before rinsing.

What are some of your winter skin prep routines ? let us know so we’re all glowing together!

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