Does it feel like centuries since last summer? There’s no denying that it has been a long, dark, wet winter. We might not have experienced too much snow or bitterly cold temperatures compared to previous years, but there has been something doom and gloom about the near-constant grey skies with mere glimmers of sunshine sprinkled in.

On a lighter note, spring has sprung, and the glorious spring sunshine beams down on us to give us a glimmer of hope as to what’s to come. Experts predict we’re in for a warm summer, with temperatures expected to be hotter than ever from April to June. Sure, they always seem to say that, but this year we can cling to hope that it’ll be different and we’ll have a summer like the world cup of 2018 – truly iconic.

Below, we’ll share with you five unbeatable plans to add to your summer to-do list.

The Ultimate Road Trip

Pack your bags, hop in the car, and embark on one of the UK’s best road trip adventures. To get ideas flowing about a route you might like to take, think about a destination you’ve always wanted to explore, whether a national park, a bustling city, or a quaint small town. There are tons of specifically mapped-out routes to follow, with some of the best arguably being coastal routes like the North Coast 500 or through rolling countryside on the Clyde Valley Tourist Route.

In fact, Scotland, in general, is home to some of the best road trips – its diverse landscape is the most picturesque in the UK, and it’s not the sort of location you can fly through – make it a holiday and upgrade your road trip experience with motorhome hire Scotland.

Wild Camping

Lace up your hiking boots and immerse yourself in nature with a hiking and camping trip. Wild camping is throwing all rules out the window and going rogue, but you have to really love camping to add this to your summer plans list. You should do some research before heading out on a wild camping adventure and make sure the location you have in mind is safe to camp in. If it is, all you need is your tent, some basic belongings, and a sense of adventure. Spend the day out in the wild, exploring a scenic route of your choice, before pitching a tent in a secluded location.

There are no charging points or running water, so don’t expect to replicate a glamping experience. There is, however, something entirely serene about pitching up with nobody around you, in the middle of nature, ready to stargaze (if you have a clear night). Some of the best locations in the UK for wild camping include:

  • Peppercombe Beach, North Devon
  • Ennerdale Valley, Lake District
  • Cairngorms, Scotland
  • Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons
  • Ugborough Moor, Dartmoor

Think wisely and plan something like wild camping last minute. Unless you’re prepared to brave all elements, you should plan to go wild camping when you know the weather will be in your favour.

Water Fun (This Is Not For Everyone)

Emphasis on this not being for everyone, but considering experts are predicting we will have a warmer than usual summer, why not think about all the water fun you can have? Head down to Cornwall in the summer, and you’ll be able to rent paddle boards and surfboards – on a warm summer’s day, Cornwall is exactly like being in the Mediterranean.

There’s also white water rafting in Wales, watersports in the Lake District, and water-themed fun runs – if you’re looking for a fun way to cool off, that is.

Homemade Fun

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone uniquely, and sometimes splashing on days out isn’t an option. Homemade fun, like makeshift outdoor cinema and garden parties, fill the summer fun void. You can buy really cheap projectors online that will provide you with all the outdoor garden fun you need this summer.

Or, more simply, the humble British garden party with a BBQ and some Pimms is all you need to have fun. Just a few close family or friends, some music, food, and drinks in the sun are all you need to have fun.

Summer is truly around the corner – it’s time to think about the ways that you can make up for the winter hibernation that’s about to end. Experts predict that the warmer weather will hit the UK at the end of April, giving us a snapshot of what’s to come this summer – get your summer plans locked in ready now.

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