Justis Bratt has released a brand new track entitled, ‘Run It Up’. The track tells a story about emotional freedom, fun, and adventure. Since performing since the age of seven, Justis Bratt lets music be her voice. She continues to make music to help listeners raise their self-esteem and connect with their alter egos. The track is the perfect hype girl anthem.

Justis Bratt, born in Bethesda, MD, raised in Virginia, has a heart of gold and the fiery drive of a lion. She, who has been performing since age 7, finds her passion in music and entertainment from the deep-rooted self-esteem issues she once struggled with in adolescence being a survivor of bullying. She would sit in her room for hours writing her melancholic thoughts into her journal which she eventually expressed onto beats stored on her mother’s computer and in dance. Justis had performed over 100 times before age 15 at various Boys & Girls Clubs along the east coast. 

Make sure to listen to her brand new single below:

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