It seems as though we’ve tightened our purse strings recently. According to the ONS, between January and February, spending growth slumped at 0.3% – they had predicted a higher percentage of 0.4%, taking a rise in inflation into consideration. Inflation peaked in January at its highest level since 2014 at 2.3%.

Spending in the UK seems to be down.

This week it became apparent Landlords are offering properties in exchange for sex. The availability of ‘alternative payment’ isn’t illegal, however, many websites won’t share listings which suggest rent can be paid by alternative means. But on the likes of Craigslist, these advertisements can be easily found.

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Former breast surgeon, Ian Paterson has been found guilty of intentionally causing harm to at least 10 patients. The 59 year-old was charged with 17 counts of wounding with intent. He will be sentenced in May.


If you’re planning on spending your bank holiday in London, fear not, there is new tequila bar in London. Based in Battersea Park, Cartel, is inspired by a traditional taqueria. Serving traditional Mexican food as well as vegetarian and vegan food.

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And to end this week’s round-up, who want to use an IKEA bag as a handbag? Well if you just so happen to, make your way to Balenciaga. For a mere $2,150, you can enjoy the famous blue hue on your arm. Twitter users have mocked the bag but maybe Balenciaga are on to something?!

Balenciaga makes $2000 bag that’s an “homage” to the IKEA shopping bag and I’m like fashion you’re crazy but I can’t quit you.

— Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) April 18, 2017

Words: Isabelle Truscott

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