We live in such a beautiful world, and I think it is only right that we enjoy and explore it. Living in a capital city like London there is always something buzzing and fun to do. Below are just a few options on why we should engage in culture and could eventually lead to better lifestyle.

Art Galleries/ Museums

Art galleries and museums are great places to gain wisdom and artistic knowledge in a different environment. Many museums and galleries hold a variety of exhibitions where you can learn a variety of new subjects in a broad visual aspect.


Going to the theatre is an experience within itself; it is much different than going to your local cinema it is interactive, entertaining and impacting. You are bound to leave feeling energised and yearning to go again.

Go see a live band

Being able to see a live band compared to watching one on YouTube it is an amazing experience, it will leave you with your mind blown. There are so many new and unique artists in and around the city you would not be disappointed.

New restaurant

We are so blessed to live in such a multicultural society, and we should further take advantage of this and explore different cuisines and you will amaze yourself on what you have been missing out on.


Giving a helping hand in our communities is most vital, as there is always someone who needs our help. Volunteering, I believe is a great way to give back yet met a variety of people from different backgrounds.

Getting involved in your city and trying new things does eventually lead to a better lifestyle, as we acquire new hobbies, new interests and deeper knowledge. In which you will be able use and communicate with a wide range of people and explore your city further. These are just a few, that should hopefully get you exploring.

Words by: Keisha Coggins

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