Good afternoon, I hope you’ve had a lovely week, here’s a quick round up of the news you may have missed.

This week we reported on the latest, horrific sex trend – ‘stealthing’. For those who don’t know, stealthing is the act of quickly removing a condom without your partner knowing, and continuing to have sex unprotected. Stealthing is reportedly a serious problem within the LGBT community. This is now being seen as a sexual assault.

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In the world of politics, soon-to-be-former French President, Francois Hollande, has vowed to take care of the situation surrounding the hacking of candidate, Emmanuel Macron. The media has been warned that the spreading of any leaked material is banned.

An investigation into allegations of blasphemy has been launched in the Republic of Ireland against actor and comedian, Stephen Fry. Whilst appearing on RTE in 2015, viewers complained that Fry’s comments were anti-God.

A beauty blender covered with a condom?! An iPhone?! What is happening to how we apply our makeup? Beauty trends like these are often created by Instagram stars and are then imitated by fans. Some trends flop, but others thrive and go viral. Proving that conventional beauty is on its way out.

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And finally, what’s the best way to end things with your partner? Well, for some, it’s getting someone else to do it for you. According to reports, more and more people are hiring strangers to end their relationships. The paid role supposedly eases the breakup process. But we want to know, would you be interested in hiring someone to dump your significant other? Let us know at @amormagazineUK

Words: Isabelle Truscott

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