The case of the Ex

Moving from singles-rock-summer to grab-a-woman-winter… all of a sudden the ex starts popping back up! We’ve put together the TOP 5 return of the ex cliché quotes he’ll be whispering  to you to ensure his Winter isn’t a lonely one!

1. “Baby I miss you”

2. “Remember all the good times we had? Remember when we… and we…”

3. “Mum wants to know when you’re coming around to see her”

4. “My mind wasn’t straight back then, but I am ready for you now”

5. “Baby take your time to think about it, but don’t leave me waiting too long…”

Girls can you relate? How many times have you heard one of these before? Don’t get caught up ladies and those of you who haven’t been in this situation before – TAKE NOTE!

Words : Jade Odusote

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