Tabun Kitchen

Address: 77 Berwick St
Cuisine: Palestinian



The Tabun Kitchen offers authentic Jerusalem street food with a modern twist. We didn’t get to try their manaeesh palestinian pizza, although they sounded totally appealing.

For starters we chose the grilled halloumi with is’ha black sesame, tomato and malfouf cabbage salad. Probably our favourite dish of the evening, as it had interesting flavours and was very fresh.

For my main I ordered the lamb makloubeh, rice, spiced aubergine, cauliflower, broad beans with a yoghurt, cucumber and mint sauce and pistachio, pine nut and raisin garnish. The lamb was nice and tender and had a great taste to it, the rice however was a little dry so I had to use the sauce to give it some moisture. The pistachio, pine nut and raisin garnish gave it a nice little oomph and extra flavour.

As the food was freshly prepared, we had room for dessert. I chose a traditional dessert – Harissa Cake (coconut, orange blossom syrup). Soft and crumbly in texture, perfect for those with a sweet tooth but not too sweet to give you a toothache.


Newly opened Tabun Kitcken has a warm ambience and decor, with earthy and plum tones surrounding the place. The ‘Tabun’ oven is the centrepiece of Palestinian cooking since pre-Biblical times.

The service was a little disorderly, due to some confusion, but I couldn’t fault the speed in which the food came out and the contemporary presentation. The staff were well presented and friendly.

The location is perfectly located in the heart of central London with an option of outdoor seating (not that many might go for that option as it gets colder). For two people, the meal plus two cocktails was reasonably priced. After all the food we ate, we weren’t left with a heavy feeling in our stomach, but instead feeling rather satisfied.

Very ideal for date night due to its intimate feel. If you’re looking to widen your culinary experience and introduce your tastebuds to some traditional Palestinian cooking, then I’d recommend you adding Tabun Kitchen to your list of places to eat in London.

Overall Rating ★★★★

Words by: Toni Amporful

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