Whether it’s celebrity, or high-street style, the casual ‘just got out of bed look’ has become a key trend for many. However with the rise of social physical complex issues, it has become fashionable to eat healthy and exercise.

(Khloe Kardashian Instagram)

It seems that the latest thing we see is celebs parading in and out of the gym, healthy shake in hand, no make-up and tight black or alternatively fashionable neon coloured Lycra.

(Kelly Brooke Instagram)

Wearing training shoes has become on trend, styling any outfit with a pair, increasing the acceptance of the ultimate casual appearance, where it used to be an outfit no body would want publicity in.

Rita with Cara Delevingne sporting fashionable footwear (Rita Ora Instagram)

(Rita Ora Instagram)

From, models to reality stars, those most seen in the look are the likes of Kelly Brooke, Nicole ‘Snookie’ Polizzi, Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora and Britney Spears of late, all of which love to upload the odd gym snap to Instagram…

‘Snookie’ posted this snap, captioned “Trying to build that lean body. Who is with me? #fitlife”

What do you think? Keep it casual, or bring the glamour back?

Words: Natalie Toft 

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