Everyone has bad hair days, even people like me with barely any hair! For days like this, hats have been the rescuers of embarrassment, & in some cases laziness. I’ve formed a fashion-forward love, for an old-fashioned take on hats: Turbans! They’re chic, retro, & simply beautiful. I have grown fond of this trend since spotting them on the mannequins of boutiques such as Paper Dress & Aida, in East London.

In the early 20th Century fashion, designer Paul Pairet introduced the turban into the western fashion scene. Just last week, designer Jeetinder Sandhu received rave reviews for his recent turban presentation on the runway.

Checkout his video below on his colourful Fall ’13 collection

‘Turbanology’ writer, Jay Singh-Sohal, describe these gorgeous fashion statements as crowns. I describe them as their tasteful twist, as does Mariama Jabbie-Wang.

Mrs. Wang uses vintage elements to accentuate the styles of Africana prints in her carefully designed turbans. Each piece is customized specifically for the client & start at a staggering steal of just $50 & up.

Words: Kristle Haynes

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