Kesha filed a lawsuit in 2010 against her producer Dr. Luke, whose actual name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. The Tik Tok famed singer alleged that Dr. Luke drugged and raped her when she was eighteen years old and therefore wants to leave her record deal with Dr. Luke’s Kemosable Records, which comes underneath the Sony umbrella.

(Kesha with Dr. Luke in 2011)

Lady Gaga posted a moving video from the #FreeKesha protests outside Sony’s headquarters. The protests occurred after Sony declared that they do not have the power to cancel the contract between Kesha and her producer, Dr Luke and that she must continue to record with the record label as the singer’s contract states she is to record six albums with Luke’s Kemosable Records, despite producer Dr. Luke allegedly raping Kesha.

Recently the court refused to permit Kesha with an injunction that would have terminated the six-album contract with Luke’s record label.

Luke Gottwald has denied the allegations and his mother has come to his defence by telling the Daily Mail Online that Kesha is lying to blackmail her son.

Many famous musicians have showed their support for the 28-year-old singer including Adele who announced her support during her Brit Award acceptance speech and Taylor Swift who donated $250,000 for Kesha’s legal expenses.

Words : Thuvika Ganesh

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