Singapore is a great market where you can get pretty much anything, and all of excellent quality and internationally recognised brands. But not all products are imported, but it is also possible to find the best nationally created beauty brands in Singapore.

These brands range from the most personalised technology for skincare, to high-quality and long-lasting makeup. Most of these products are organic, sustainable, and ethical, which has helped them gain an international reputation.

The 8 best beauty product brands in Singapore

There are a wide variety of beauty products in Singapore, with many unique features; these are some of the best ones available:


This is one of the best beauty brands in Singapore; its formulas are made from natural extracts of plants, using the latest scientific advances to process them and not testing their products on animals. These products are perfect for skin care, helping users achieve firm, toned, clean, youthful skin, and much more.

Frank Skincare

This company started its operations in 2015; it is certified as a 100% organic skincare line. Its products are luxurious, including facial oils, rose quartz massage tools, moisturizers, and more. The products are manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality in each of the products.

Solos Cosmetics

Solos Cosmetics beauty products are accessible to all, are suitable for the environment, and are not tested on animals, nor do they include gluten, artificial fragrances, or palm oil. These Singapore beauty products are vegan, and their packaging is low in plastic, so they are completely sustainable and excellent for enhancing each person’s natural beauty.


Alcheme merges state-of-the-art technology with the benefits of nature, as they create personalized products for each client’s needs. They use an algorithm and facial recognition system that helps to use the exact ingredients for every need. Among the eco-friendly products that Alcheme produces, the eye serum, emulsion, face masks, and more stand out.

Pera Skincare

Pera Skincare products fuse western traditions with Peranakan culture and help achieve fresh and youthful-looking skin using 100% natural products and extracts. Its ingredients include bedak sejuk, ginseng extract, carrot, rice, and much more, with high antioxidant properties.

Faux Fayc

Another one of the best beauty brands in Singapore, its cosmetics, has vibrant colors that will help you stand out from the crowd. One of the products that stand out in its eyeshadow palette is the Faux Fayc x Bycaxs, which includes metallic, matte, iridescent shades, and much more able to look good on any occasion.

Liht Organics

Their makeup products are entirely organic and chemical-free, even though they are safe to eat. The ingredients used in all Liht Organics products are all-natural, but they are shiny, long-lasting, and cover every need to look good when they need it.

Oasis Skin

This brand offers an exclusive treatment to the skin, since it does not contain chemicals or synthetic substances, but rather 100% natural Premium ingredients of botanical origin. It offers fully customizable beauty boxes with clay masks, beauty tools, solid shampoo sticks, etc.

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