Osteria60 Address 60 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5BBwww.osteria60.com
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Cuisine: Italian 


28-day aged steak tartare

We love a tartare and Osteria 60 have a 28-day aged steak tartare that caught our eye immediately. Partnered with roasted shallot mayo and caviar, the tastes mixed together were a delight. The caviar offering a rich and salty with a sweet slightly sweet flavour in the middle. The creamy texture of the mayo adding an eggy taste to the tartare.

Paccheri with lobster and chilli bisque

For my main I went for the Paccheri pasta with Lobster and Chilli Bisque. My opinion of this dish is, that I would have liked it to be a little bit more chilli flavoured with a pinch more salt. I liked the pasta but with the lobster served cold, it just needed a touch more spice to give it that extra oomph.

Osteria 60 Tiramisu

I had their Osteria 60 Tiramisu for dessert, which was a presented like a work of art. This wasn’t your ordinary tiramisu, as all the elements that make up a tiramisu were separated. So you had to mix them together to get the traditional tiramisu taste. 


We went for some afternoon bubbles with their Rosé champagne. Being topped up until we had reached that point where we had to drink responsibly.

We visited Osteria 60 on a classic rainy day, so we weren’t lucky enough to sit outside on their terrace. Based within the Baglioni Hotel with a view of Kensington Gardens, Osteria60 is ideally placed.  The stylish design concept behind Osteria 60 stems from a Milanese restaurant of the 1950s.

The name is unique in the sense that “Osterias” are typically wine bars that usually have no menu. This wasn’t the case with this Osteria, serving a fancy menu marrying typical Italian dishes with a British twist.

We were taken in more by their chic interior than their food on the whole, but we couldn’t fault them on their presentation skills and the authentic plates they used to serve us with.
The service and staff were very attentive, informative and friendly. We weren’t waiting around for long and were never left feeling parched.

As well as lunch and dinner, Osteria 60 serve Afternoon Tea, so if you’re looking for a nice venue across from Kensington Gardens, then allow Osteria 60 to be your choice.

Atmosphere ★★★ Food/Drinks ★★★1/2

Words: Toni Amporful, Health & Fitness Editor @F00diesCornerUK

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