Artist, Alfred Makeroni has created the first ad to promote sex. Yes, sex. The simple ad consists of pencil sharpeners, pencils, dream-like backgrounds and satirical commentary.

Sex is the one aspect of our lives that is sold, fetish-ized and scrutinized in everything from music to fashion but it rarely get’s any promotion of it’s own. Think about it.

Whilst reading ‘The descent of woman: the classic study of evolution’ I noticed that the author made a point that we are the only species that demonizes sex and uses derogatory language concerning our genitalia.

Makeroni stated: “I felt though that in some cases it might be important for people to change something in their minds, and this commercial is not only about sex but also about thinking.”

With rape culture being highly publicized, on going debates about gay-marriage and unrealistic pornography. We’ve piled on so many additives, unhealthy stigma’s and empty expectations onto sex.

We’re pulling away from the simpleness of the act itself. I’m not saying it should be boring but it needn’t be so complicated. This art piece strips sex down to its raw and original form, with the phallic pencil and the receiving sharpener.

It shows that sex shouldn’t be disgusting or taboo, it’s supposed to be straightforward.It’s one of the most natural parts of our human existence, in fact our existence is dependent upon it.

Although we’ve never had any trouble with being active participants , how we view sex needs a little introspection.

Written by Siane Mullings

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