The Futurelics have released a brand new track entitled, ‘Givin’. The Oakland band boast a sun-soaked flair that is inspired by retro rhythms with a modern twist, as they describe their musical endeavour as “where the past and the future become present”. The Futurelics will also be launching their custom infused pre-roll curated in collaboration with SF Roots. “Futurelic Funk” is the band’s funk-inspired hash infused pre-roll.

Reimagining the music consumption experience, they offer their fans a stoney sativa hybrid to blaze while you vibe out to their groovy new single “Givin”. Inspired by this symbiotic relationship we decided to design an interactive experience inspired by what the future of music and cannabis will look, sound and feel like. The Futurelics designed an exclusive experience for stoners and music lovers as an ode to two of this world’s greatest gifts, Music and Cannabis.

Is there a more iconic duo? SF Roots is San Francisco’s first cannabis equity brand, trailblazing for equality in the industry, SF Roots has become a pillar in the community and a hometown staple. Recently they’ve partnered with The Futurelics, a Black Woman led funk band based in Oakland, California. These Afro-Futuristic mystics are keepers of the flame for big band culture and offer creative sanctuary space for Artists, by Artists in honor of the legends that came before them.

Following on from the release of their debut EP ‘Classic’ in 2018, the band have spent time perfecting their artistry and cultivating a new, experimental approach that looks set to be the sound of the summertime. With extraordinary releases such as ‘Down N’ Out’ racking up just shy of 340,000 streams on Spotify alone, fans worldwide have been eager for another dose of their majestic music, and thankfully they no longer have to wait.

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