When it comes to your wedding ring, it needs to fit perfectly – it can’t be too loose or too tight on your finger. If you’re worried about how to get the best fit for you wedding ring, then don’t worry, as together with AC Silver, retailers of antique silverware, we can advise you on how to measure yourself for the perfect ring:
How to measure your finger at home Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore having to go to the jewellers to get the best fit for a ring, so this could be done at home instead. By cutting a thin strip of paper, wrap this around the finger and then make a mark once the paper has gone the whole way around the finger. However, you should keep in mind that some designs are bigger than others, which will have an impact on your ring size.

Consider all of your options

Once you’ve chosen your ring, you’ll also need to consider the bank and width of the ring you’ve chosen. A wider band used on a wedding ring will always have a tighter grip on your finger in comparison to a slender solitaire. A ring gauge will be used by a jeweller so that the size of the shank can be determined, which means that you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for your ring. The greater depth of the ring shank, the greater impact on the size of the ring, which may result in you having to go a ring size up. Never try a ring on first thing on a morning – you should wait until the afternoon to do this; the reason for this is that your fingers are smaller on a morning, so you need to wait until they adjust to their normal temperature. A cold finger could be half a size smaller; what this means is that during the summer, your ring could become too tight – so the ring should always have some leverage and slack.

Depending on the type of ring that you choose, this will sit at a certain angle on your finger; it’s important to make sure that you know how your ring will fit. For example, larger cocktail rings with a heavy top should have a snugger fit. This helps to stop the ring spinning once it is on the finger.

For a great fit, your ring should wiggle over the knuckle and should not be too loose. Regarded as a mandrel sizing tool, or a ‘ring stick’ – you can measure a ring that you already have, and this will help you establish what size ring you will need for your big day.

Leaving you and your partner disappointed, if your ring isn’t fitted properly then this will ruin your plans of a dream ring on the big day! That’s why we recommend you use a professional that knows how to measure your ring.

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