I always thought, why aren’t shoes printed in rainbow colour, and to my imagination, the latest trend in London is the Rainbow Sneakers. I was already jumping with happiness as the rainbow colour was my favorite, and sneakers were on top for the most comfortable footwear.

Pride Canvas Shoes. High Top or Low Top Sneakers.
Pride Canvas Shoes. High Top or Low Top Sneakers @ £37.99 etsy.com/uk

London, UK, has been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion trends, and the rainbow sneakers have certainly traveled here from abroad. Originating from the suburbs of south London, these high-quality, comfortable, and trendy sneakers are made with suede, leather, and canvas that are ideal for the city’s polluted environment.

Converse Chuck 70 Ox rainbow sneakers in multi
Converse Chuck 70 Ox rainbow sneakers in multi @ £21.40 asos.com

The rainbow of colors that can be found in these shoes is nothing short of mind-blowing. Whatever you’re in the market for, from joggers to sneakers to boots, this article will highlight some of the hottest trends in the marketplace today and offer some inspiration on how to shop for the latest range of colorful footwear.

Unisex Adults Rainbow Tie Dye Trainers Sneakers Shoes
Unisex Adults Rainbow Tie Dye Trainers Sneakers Shoes @ £28.00 etsy.com/uk

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd when it comes to shoes, it doesn’t get much better than a pair of Nike’s classic “King” styles. While there are plenty of other color combinations to choose from, the basic colour combination of black and white is still one of the most popular colors seen on the market.


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The popularity of these shoes has soared over recent years as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilar have worn them as well as many others. If you want to find a way to incorporate this popular colour into your wardrobe, it’s worth finding a pair of these classic pairs

It’s all about finding the right style to compliment your style. Many people choose to incorporate these popular colors with teals, creams, and greens, but the trend is far from over.

 rainbow sequin sneakers in multi
rainbow sequin sneakers in multi @ £33.90 asos.com

Lace-up pink platforms and pink laces are still some of the most popular choices for footwear this season, making it worthwhile checking out what is available.

rainbow sneakers
rainbow sneakers

If the sheer volume does not convince you of colours currently available, it’s worth checking out how popular colours like a rainbow have become over the past few years.

Of course, it’s not just men who are digging around for a pair of rainbow sneakers this summer. Women have also been embracing the rainbow craze this season, and you’ll find that there are plenty of choices available. If you’re still not convinced, it’s worth checking out what some of the top fashion designers have to offer. One trend that’s popular this year is the use of multicolored within footwear.

Rainbow Bright Yellow Rainbow Canvas Hi top sneakers
Rainbow Bright Yellow Rainbow Canvas Hi top sneakers @ etsy.com/uk

For something different, why not consider looking at the adenoidal rainbow sneakers? These are perfect for days when you want to look cool but not go out looking like a rock star. The adenoidal rainbow is composed of a series of triangles, which combine in the middle to form a solid color.


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You’ll find that they’re made using a textured rubber, so they’re slightly bigger than usual, but the design means that they don’t go too big on your feet. It’s certainly a style worth checking out if you are looking for something a little different.

Gola Women's Coaster Rainbow Velcro Sneaker
Gola Women’s Coaster Rainbow Velcro Sneaker @ £42.99 – £70.72 amazon.co.uk/

Types of Rainbow sneakers you can try-

If you are a funky fashionista, then you can try all rainbow-colored Sneakers.

Rainbow Pride Sneakers
Rainbow Pride Sneakers @ £75.00 etsy.com/uk

For people who love a rainbow but are reluctant to flaunt it, you can choose a base of white Sneakers with a little Rainbow on both sides of the shoe.

Keds Women's Kickstart Rainbow Webbing Sneaker
Keds Women’s Kickstart Rainbow Webbing Sneaker @ £42.47 – £70.99 amazon.co.uk

To stand out from the crowd, then you got to rock the formal meeting with a pair of nice black Sneakers and rainbow-colored laces or edges.

    • Rainbow Low-top Shoes

Go and buy online designer rainbow sneakers online at affordable prices.


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There are numerous designs for wearing Rainbow Sneakers, and you have to try them on and pick the best you like.

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