Walking in the steps of one of everyone’s favourite curvy model influencer Ashley Graham, Gabifresh who is hot off the scene and founder of plus size lingerie line Premme launched for curvy ladies who struggle to find lingerie that is both sexy, comfortable and budget friendly.

In collaboration with playful promises, the range consists of sizes starting from 36-38B all the way to cup size I as well as sizes starting from 12 -24. The UK honestly need to take notes because I don’t think I know more than two UK brands that have sizes ranging all the way to cup size I. Gabi mentioned that her inspiration behind making the line unique is the fact that she is adding in different fabrics which are usually hard to find in her size such as velvet. Its clear to see that the embellishments and pops of colour show off the sulty yet fun side to Gabi which is the theme she was going for.

As well as opening up the door for representation in sizes for the fashion world, Gabi has also dealt with her own share of insecurities and confidence from when she was growing up. She mentioned that during her school time, although she was not directly bullied she was left out on a lot of things that regular school kids love to enjoy.

“I think every woman has struggled with feeling body confident. I definitely went through a period through high school and college of wishing I was thinner and assuming if I lost weight my life would magically improve because that’s the idea we’re sold. I was never directly bullied, but it’s the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) messaging we get as girls growing up in a society with no positive representation… it’s feeling left out of cliques or ignored by your crushes because of your size. I gained confidence by finding the body positive movement online in college and seeing other women who looked like me who rejected diet culture. That totally changed my life.”

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